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elderlyrstaff: Given the general disinterest in this Forum (no members but me) I will no longer post to the threads any 'good stuff'. This will be available via private messages [PMs]. I am making a video to draw all the good bits together in one production. Feb 9, 2016 15:49:59 GMT 10 *
elderlyrstaff: This forum is a relaxed forum. You don't have to follow a thread in detail. Join and relax. Use a Pseudonym. We'll all feel more comfortable. Jan 24, 2016 7:49:39 GMT 10
elderlyrstaff: New members are welcome. We will be hard-hitting at times. If you are a sensitive flower then give us advance warning so we can act appropriately. Jan 16, 2016 20:22:39 GMT 10
Admin: As Admin the Forum won't tolerate AiG inputs. At all. Fair warning. Jan 4, 2016 10:43:07 GMT 10
Admin: I will continue from Empathy and FlatEarthTruth. Jan 3, 2016 14:36:44 GMT 10
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